Witchwood is a queer, autistic, one woman, run small business, by Molly Fox. Molly is the owner/designer/maker/artist/marketer/customer service/you-name-it! Molly co-owns 2 tattoo shops with her wife and best friend, Cari Fox (@carebeartattoos), and her retail space and studio is located inside the Portland, OR location.


Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective - Portland (& Witchwood Retail Shop)

2236 NE Broadway, Portland, OR


Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective - San Diego

3434 University Drive, Ste A, San Diego, CA


Molly & Cari currently share a small fur family of 5 cats and 3 dogs, most of which are special needs. She knows she's not supposed to have a favorite, but Schrodinger "Dinger" is her little baby boy and joy of her life. They are also adding to their family soon and adopting human children from the Oregon foster care system and hope to adopt queer/trans/non-binary teens or siblings. They hope to one day end up back in San Diego, CA and raise their family there. Molly is a 33 year old, red-headed southern Californian, born and raised and very heavily tattooed. She loves horror novels, vintage fashion, mustangs, country and folk music, anything entomology related and renovating their little, old 1909 house. She's incredibly shy, introverted and awkward, but she's working on it!

Molly broke into the fashion world in 2009 with her very own vintage clothing store, that she still runs through today (in addition to Witchwood) and started making accessories to compliment these wares, when she couldn't find what she was looking for elsewhere, which grew into Witchwood!

Are you a fan of vintage? Check out her vintage shop here - www.foxandfablevtg.etsy.com


And above all else, it is truly important to Molly to help the creatures who can not help themselves. This is why, at Witchwood, it is imperative in their mission to help support The Oregon Humane Society. Witchwood donates a portion of all profits to this amazing organization, in order to help as many pets as possible get the care and love they need, and hopefully a new home too!

If you would like to donate directly, please visit them at https://www.oregonhumane.org/donate/

Please meet another member of the team, Zoey, our CHO

(Chief Happiness Officer)



Schrodinger "Dinger"

(VP of Work/Life Balance)